2023-05-16Friendship Bracelet Workshop
This week many Junior Form students had the opportunity to participate in a special arts and crafts activity organised by the English Panel. The activity was held in the English Activity Room and students enjoyed the chance to practise their English while having fun making friendship bracelets. To enhance the language element of the activity, students learned how to tie beads into their bracelets. Then using beads with letters on them they were able to spell out words in their bracelets. Many students chose to write their name or the name of a friend who they were giving the bracelet to. This was the last special activity of the year for the English Room, and it was a big success!
2023-04-19Latte Art Workshop
The English Panel held a ‘Latte Art Workshop’ this past Wednesday during our Lunch Activity Period. This exciting program was well attended by senior form students who had the chance to enjoy some coffee and snacks while at the same time practising their English in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. As students enter senior forms, they often have less time for extracurricular activities and programs. Therefore, we try to plan events that align with their schedules in a way that provides them opportunities to spend time in the immersive English environment of the English room. By far, the highlight of the workshop was learning from a Form 5 student, Thomas Pun, how to create Latte Art. Students were engaged in learning about this process as well as delighted to get firsthand experience as real baristas. For many students, making latte art was more challenging than Thomas made it look during his demonstrations. Regardless, everyone had a wonderful time expressing their creativity, learning a new hobby, and learning lots of new English words and phrases.
2023-04-042022-23年度 生命教育日
2023-04-01黃大仙區升中輔導嘉年華 2023
2023-04-01黃大仙區升中輔導嘉年華2023 - 舞蹈表演
2023-03-29Easter Egg Decoration
Students celebrated Easter early this year by dyeing Easter Eggs and learning about the way that Easter is celebrated in many Western countries. The activity was open to all classes, but was particularly popular with students from junior forms. While decorating eggs, students learned vocabulary related to Easter and how it is celebrated by millions of people around the world every year. Specific effort was also made to inform students about the religious meaning and symbolism behind egg dyeing and decorating. Students found the activity fun and their stunning products fully showcased their creativity and artistic talent!
2023-03-2637th i-Learner Online Learning Programme

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements in the i-Learner Online Learning Programme.

Cross-curricular Programme

Grand Award (Top 3 in the territory) CHAU HO KWAN (1A)

Gold Award (Top 20 in the territory)




Outstanding Student Award


Our school has also been awarded the "Excellence of Online Education School" in recognition of the enthusiastic and outstanding participation of our students in the i-Learner Online English Programmes in the 1st term 2022-23

2023-03-09F.2 Drama Competition Phase 3
2023-02-21CAREER CAFE
配合學校英文週的活動,生涯規劃組在801室舉行今年度第一次的CAREER CAFE,所有參與的同學必須運用英語回答及解決生涯規劃顧問老師及學長的提問,才可獲得禮券換取熱飲及餅乾,同學們也能用流利的英語跟負責的師生們溝通,開心氣氛充滿整個八樓。
2023-02-20English Week
During the last week of February, Pooi Tun Students celebrated English Week. The week was full of English Programs and Activities designed to provide students with opportunities to use and practise English in an enjoyable and meaningful way. This year's theme was ‘Space’, and teachers and students did a great job capturing it in the different activities and programs. During the first half of the week, students had the chance to visit the annual book fair and meet their friends for a warm cup of coffee at the English Cafe. On Thursday, all students watched an exciting episode of ‘2 Minute English’ and an episode of ‘Mr. Wofford on the AirWaves’. To close out the eventful and fun-filled week, after lunch on Friday, students had the chance to visit 28 different game booths organised and run by English Ambassadors and the F.3 students. Each booth offered a challenge for students who could earn stamps for their work. At the end of the afternoon, students who had earned enough stamps could redeem them for awesome prizes provided by the English Panel. The week was an overwhelming success that saw students engaging and having fun while using English and enhancing the vibrant, English-speaking environment of the school.
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