Latte Art Workshop
2023-04-19 (星期三)
The English Panel held a ‘Latte Art Workshop’ this past Wednesday during our Lunch Activity Period. This exciting program was well attended by senior form students who had the chance to enjoy some coffee and snacks while at the same time practising their English in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. As students enter senior forms, they often have less time for extracurricular activities and programs. Therefore, we try to plan events that align with their schedules in a way that provides them opportunities to spend time in the immersive English environment of the English room. By far, the highlight of the workshop was learning from a Form 5 student, Thomas Pun, how to create Latte Art. Students were engaged in learning about this process as well as delighted to get firsthand experience as real baristas. For many students, making latte art was more challenging than Thomas made it look during his demonstrations. Regardless, everyone had a wonderful time expressing their creativity, learning a new hobby, and learning lots of new English words and phrases.
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