English Week
2023-02-20 至 24
During the last week of February, Pooi Tun Students celebrated English Week. The week was full of English Programs and Activities designed to provide students with opportunities to use and practise English in an enjoyable and meaningful way. This year's theme was ‘Space’, and teachers and students did a great job capturing it in the different activities and programs. During the first half of the week, students had the chance to visit the annual book fair and meet their friends for a warm cup of coffee at the English Cafe. On Thursday, all students watched an exciting episode of ‘2 Minute English’ and an episode of ‘Mr. Wofford on the AirWaves’. To close out the eventful and fun-filled week, after lunch on Friday, students had the chance to visit 28 different game booths organised and run by English Ambassadors and the F.3 students. Each booth offered a challenge for students who could earn stamps for their work. At the end of the afternoon, students who had earned enough stamps could redeem them for awesome prizes provided by the English Panel. The week was an overwhelming success that saw students engaging and having fun while using English and enhancing the vibrant, English-speaking environment of the school.
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